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The Painter from Picasso 1963

Title: Le Peintre (The Painter), 1963

Medium: Collotype with Pochoir on Arches wove paper

Period: Cubism

Genre: Potrait

• Picasso’s Le Peintre (The Painter), 1963 is a marvelously large work executed in a unique painterly style, that mimics a monotype print.

• Created using hand applied Pochoir coloring, this is a unique and exciting technique in printmaking that closely resembles painted watercolors.

• The pochoir technique is applied to the finished print, thereby intensifying color and making each print unique. The pochoir in this print can be found along the shadow of the painter’s head, canvas, and arm.

• Composed entirely in a cool palate of blues, greens, and browns, this work features a male artist intently working on his canvas. The implied hurried brushstrokes in the piece, particularly in the artist’s arm, create a “snapshot” like image—the artist captured in a moment of artist inspiration. 

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