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About Mum N Kids Club's Founder

Miss Li Yan is a Singaporean. During her youth days, Miss Li Yan was very active in community works and projects and she had achieved a

National Youth Achievement Award Gold Award Holder 2004 in Singapore.

Miss Li Yan left Singapore 2008 to pursue her studies in France.

She attained her Master Degree in International Management from

During her stay in France, her entrepreneurial spirit has led to the inauguration of an Art and Fabric Patchwork Design company Patch Addict where she created many projects for exhibitions and hobbyist group.

She travelled to many different regions of France from Lorient to Lille, from Paris to Saint Marie aux Mines, from Grenoble to Luberon and many more for her exhibitions. She travelled once to Birmingham for an international patchwork fair too.

Miss Li Yan also discovered LA PETITE ACADEMIE and was trained by Nathalie Virot whose master is artist Pierre-Jean Chaffray. She simply fell in love with art and marvels at how art can bring people out of their comfort zone, expressing their inner emotions and thoughts, like a therapy for a person well-being. Art can help to build confidence and even love especially when given the right ambience, the right music and the right companions!

It is with love that Mum N Kids Club was created. Miss Li Yan's vision for Mum N Kids Club is a clubhouse for people to come together to create awesome projects in fun, joy, creativity and relaxation!

Miss Li Yan brought LA PETITE ACADEMIE to Malaysia, the first French art program in Asia. She emphasizes using art as the essence for all the program of Mum N Kids Club.

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