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Birds of a Feather ...

About Angela Moulton

Angela Moulton

🎨 Angela Moulton

🎨 American painter

🎨 Still Life, Nature, Animal, Landscape


✅ All artists have a particular subject close to their hearts. Angela Moulton loves birds, hence her collection of bird art in the form of oil paintings.

✅ Being a professional artist, Moulton is inspired by both nature and color. She paints chickadees as well as barn swallows in bird portraits that all burst with color.

✅ Moulton maintains a signature style in each of her oil paintings. All over, her bird art would feature thick brushstrokes, plus varying shades of color that all come together harmoniously.

✅ Moulton has been a professional artist for nine years.  She specializes in oil painting and is inspired and paints still lifes, nature, animals, children, interiors and landscapes.

✅ Moulton splits her time between Illinois and Idaho. And worked in the world of banking and finance throughout her adult life.

✅ In 2004, Moulton's sister told her about a lady selling turtle’s paintings on eBay. Hence, thought to herself, “If a turtle can sell paintings, then I certainly should be able to!”

✅ Moulton's father is an engineer and physiologist and her mother a designer. They always had a lot of stuff at our house - stuff for building forts, making art, decorating cakes, sewing, wood projects, science experiments, etc.

✅ Moulton was the oldest of five and would involve her siblings and the neighborhood children in her creative endeavors.

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