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Goldfinch and Apricot Blossom, a beautiful color hue that compliments!


Artist: Angela Moulton

Medium: Oil paint

Subject: Bird

✅ Moulton builds up layers of colorful, thick oil paint to create stylized depictions of each bird, often accentuating their rounded bodies and fluffy plumage.

✅ Moulton signature style not only reveals her talent for form, but also her eye for color. Each vibrant painting features complimentary hues that evoke the happy sound of bird songs in spring and summer.

Fri, 15 January, 1330

Title: Yellowchat and Cherokee Rose

Artist: Angela Moulton

Medium: Acrylic

Subject: Bird

✅ Angela Moulton creates stylized bird portraits that are bursting with color and texture.

✅ Each painting features abstract layers of thick brushstrokes that are built up to form each adorably plump body, perched on tree branches.

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