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Louis Marcoussis Poland


rtist of The Week: Louis Marcoussis

🎨Louis Marcoussis

🎨 November 14, 1878, Łódź, Poland

🎨 French painter

🎨 Cubism

🎨Painter and Engraver


✅ Formerly Ludwik Kazimierz Wladyslaw Markus or Ludwig Casimir Ladislas Markus

✅ After studying law briefly in Warsaw he went to the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts

✅ The first time a painting of his was shown in a major exhibition was at the Salon d'Automne in 1905

✅ As well as painting still lifes and musical instruments in the Cubist manner, he also produced portraits, views of Paris, and images from the Breton seaside

✅ He drew cartoons for satirical journals, as he had earlier in Poland.

✅ In Paris he needed to earn his own living, and also took on other drawing and illustration work.

✅ He got to know Apollinaire,  Braque,  Degas,  Picasso and many more artists and writers.

✅ It was Apollinaire who suggested Markus' French name, Marcoussis, after a village not far from Paris.

✅ Marcoussis died October 22, 1941, Cusset

Famous Painting🖌

Le bar du port (1913) / Violon, bouteilles de Marc et cartes (Violin, Marc bottles and cards) 1919

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