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Artwork of Joaquin Sorolla

Title: Potrait of Jack Russell, 1909

Artist: Joaquín Sorolla

Medium: Oil painting

Period: Impressionism

Genre: Animal Painting

Sorolla's style is probably more accurately described as luminism — literally, the painting of light — or even, overcoming all collective categories, simply and uniquely Sorollism. He painted in the open air, often quite rapidly (as may have been necessary for an artist who created over 500 paintings in one four-year period). Some of his paintings appear almost unfinished, and he was not averse to leaving less-essential areas of the canvas in a rough state. Yet he could capture the finest details, and no painter before or since has been able to create such blinding fields and flashes of light as Sorolla in paintings.

Title: Girl with flowers, 1930

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Period: Impressionism

Genre: Girl Potrait

Sorolla joyous style, with its focus on the play of light over the bright surfaces of things. Partly it is the subjects of his paintings, the way the light falls on it with his imaginative and highly original use of color, which involves the contrast of colors that one would think might clash but which come together to form a harmonious whole.

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