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The Benefits of Play in Children

Mum N Kids Club Tag Line : Learn Grow Fun Play!

So why do we emphasis on fun play?

Below are some sharing about the benefits of play in children!

Enjoy Reading!

• Play is the best platform for children to practice social skills that build friendships with others at a very young age.

• Children who are socially and emotionally competent have healthy self-esteem, high self-confidence and self-concept, self-efficacy, self-control, patience, persistence, problem solving and communication skills, and able to form positive relationships

The remarkable benefits of play

• Play brings joy to children & relieve stress while playing.

• Play helps children to develop executive function skills -the control of thoughts, emotions and actions.

• Play has a positive impact on the cognitive abilities of children such as problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

• Play is a forum for practicing and developing social and language skills.

• Play is associated with higher levels of academic development.

• Friendships are most commonly formed through play.

• Play contributes to the healthy growth of the heart, muscles and bones, and improves movement, coordination, balance, agility, and fine and gross motor skills.

• Active play can help to control weight gain and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

We must work towards bringing back play to children by providing them the time, space and opportunities for them to play. By doing so, we will be able to harness play for children’s optimal development.

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