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Open-ended Activities and Free Play

Open-ended Play

Open-ended play allows children to express their creativity freely. There are no instructions, rules or guides for children to follow. Unlike closed-ended games and activities, there is no “right” answer or “right” way to complete and finish the project. During open-ended play, children have the ability to make their own decisions and fully engage their creativity and imagination.

It’s simply a purposeful setup of materials that invites the child over to play and explore in an open-ended, child-led way. The materials set out can be anything found around the house, for example cardboard boxes, clay, sand, fabrics, paper supplies, can and bottles, pots and pans etc. The goal is to select and arrange the materials in a way that’s both interesting and engaging.

Sensory Tray made with flour and Marine creatures

Jelly crystals pearls. Children loves the springy touch of the bouncy Jelly.

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